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“We have benefited greatly from working with USAA. Your program takes the minute logistical details of relocation off our plate so we can focus on the medical and facility issues.”

– VP of Major Hospital Group, New Orleans

“I am including your proposal with my grant application, as I feel that is the best chance for our disaster program to be funded.”

– Regional Medical Coalition Leader, Michigan

“We were pleasantly surprised by the fast response to our call for evacuation, especially considering the fact that we hadn't been part of your program for very long. You were organized, calm, thorough and efficient.”

– Materials Director, Baton Rouge

“You have always responded professionally and immediately when I've called. Yours is a well-oiled machine that puts the needs of the patient first, while still protecting the interests of the hospital.”

– VP of National Hospital and Nursing Home Corporation (300+ Facilities)

“Logistically, what you are doing is resource-exhaustive for hospital emergency planners. We have not been able to effectively do it; that's why we turned to USAA.”

– Evacuation Planning Chair, Mid-sized Hospital, Virginia

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