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We have created a program designed to give disaster planning managers in hospitals and nursing homes peace of mind. Our management and operations personnel handle all of the logistics of patient transfer, leaving hospital administrators free to focus on medical and facility issues.

Our services include:

Centralized Communications: Our central communi-cation center will know your emergency evacuation plans and can immediately act to coordinate emergency ground and air support from multiple regions across the country. Transport coordinators will arrive on scene at your facility and the receiving facilities to help safely and securely transfer patients.

By using a combination of ground and air medical transports, we can quickly evacuate your most critical patients to predetermined receiving hospitals.

National Network of Transportation Sources: Emergency ground vehicles and air ambulances have signed letters of intent to form a nationwide pool that responds immediately when called upon.

Receiving Hospitals Appropriate for Your Patients' Needs: From pediatric to transplant hospitals, our program connects you with the most appropriate medical facility, assured by a Memorandum of Understanding to accept your patients.

Logistical/Contracting Expertise: We can finalize all contracts between your hospital and the medical transports, as well as produce signed MOUs from receiving hospitals, all in advance of an emergency event.

Singular Focus: Unlike federal, state, regional and local resources, U.S. Air Ambulance's Hospital Evacuation Liaison Program focuses our staff and resources solely on your emergency needs. We can get the job done effectively, immediately and successfully.

Grant Funding Assistance: Our proposal is designed to mirror the requirements for federal and state grant funding. By illustrating that you have sought out an independent source of disaster planning, you increase your odds of receiving government support. Our program simplifies the grant process and helps you get the funding you need to fully prepare.

And more. Contact us for specific services to meet your unique needs.

Knowing that local and regional emergency responders will not be available, we bring in resources from outside your area to evacuate your patients to safety.

For more information, please contact us: 800/633-5384; info@hospitalevac.org.

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