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Important Information for Ground and Air Transport Companies Considering Joining our Network of Regional Disaster Providers

The Hospital Evacuation Liaison Program (HELP) is a coordinated method for medical facility evacuation developed by U.S. Air Ambulance to safely mass-evacuate patients and staff from hospitals and nursing homes. Your transport company's participation in this program will truly make a difference.

More than 500 medical facilities across the country are enrolled in the program. All share one key desire: to protect their patients by entrusting them with ground and air transport companies such as yours, under the experienced and dedicated leadership of U.S. Air Ambulance.

By using a combination of ground and air medical transports, we can quickly evacuate your most critical patients to predetermined receiving hospitals.

The program, which is the only commercial alternative to FEMA in the country, works like this:

After you return your LOI for our contracted hospitals, we will send you a comprehensive contract for your signature. This will include a letter of payment guarantee from the hospital that will cover your contracted expenses. The contract is forwarded to the facility for their authorized signature, and a copy is returned to you for your files.

You will be given specific instructions on routes, fuel stations, reporting protocols, identification decals for your vehicles, and other information that will be pertinent to the specific emergency.

Once the hospital or nursing home decides to evacuate, they will call U.S. Air Ambulance.

Our personnel will immediately issue, via blanket fax, email, text messaging and telephone, a request for mobilization of selected contracted transporters.

Once you have responded that you are available and willing to participate, specific instructions will be provided.

You will report periodically to U.S. Air Ambulance about your locations en route, any difficulties you might be experiencing, and other information as requested.

You will pick up the patients as directed and safely deliver them to the specified destination.

Once the emergency has passed, if the sending facility is intact and capable of receiving the patients, you will again pick up the patients and return them to the origination point. If the facility cannot reaccept its patients, you will be given specific alternative instructions.

All expenses will be compiled by you and forwarded to both the contracted hospital (which will issue you a check) and U.S. Air Ambulance.

You are guaranteed payment within 30 days.

To participate as a provider for HELP or for more information,
please contact us at: 800/633-5384; mjmccullough@usairambulance.com