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Q: How is your service different from FEMA evacuations?
A: USAA is the only private alternative to FEMA in the country. We focus solely on evacuating medical facilities, not the general public.

Q: We have ambulances in town that can evacuate us. Why would we need your service?
A: Your local and regional providers will be overwhelmed. We bring in transportation resources from outside the area that can respond immediately to your hospital.

Q: We already have an evacuation plan in place. How would your program work with our plan?
A: One of the options in contracting with us is a review of your existing plan. We would then make any applicable recommendations and build a program around your needs.


HELP brings in ground and air ambulances from outside your region to respond directly to your needs.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: Our proposal will outline all of the costs based upon your input and requirements, and is presented with several options so that your facility and USAA can build your evacuation program together.

Q: Are there contracts involved?
A: Yes. Your signature on the proposal is considered a contract between the hospital and USAA. We will obtain the appropriate Letters of Intent from the transportation providers (both ground and air), and present those to you. You can also opt for us to execute the contracts between your facility and the providers.

Q: Can you help us identify appropriate receiving hospitals?
A: Yes. You may elect to have USAA handle this for you through Memorandums of Understanding that we have negotiated with potential receiving hospitals.

Q: Can you evacuate babies and children?
A: Yes. One of our clients on the Atlantic coast is a children's hospital with 160 beds; 50 of those are neonatal.

Q: How many hospitals participate in your program, and where are they located?
A: More than 500 medical facilities in almost every state have recognized the need for and are part of our program.

Q: How will I know that there are adequate ambulances to transport my patients?
A: We have a network of over 300 ground ambulance, bus, wheelchair van and air ambulance companies that have agreed, through Letters of Intent, to support an evacuation of our partner hospitals.

Q: Who makes the decision to evacuate?
A: While USAA will carefully watch the progress of the storm or other event, it is up to the designated official at the medical facility to make the decision to evacuate.

Q: How do I get the patients back to my hospital?
A: If you've contracted with us to facilitate the transport, we will draw from the same pool of emergency vehicles that handled the evacuation. In many cases, these will even be the same companies. If you have contracted directly with ambulance companies, you would coordinate the return.

Q: Would I have to evacuate all of my patients or could some shelter in place?
A: This is totally your decision. You may want to evacuate some of the patients while sheltering others in place, or, in an unlikely scenario, you may choose to evacuate them all. We can assist you in either case.

Q: How much of the evacuation itself will USAA administer?
A: This depends on the extent of services you contract with us to provide. Our proposal will describe those options, along with specific costs for each.

Q: I'm interested in receiving a proposal. What should I do?
A: Just call us or send an email. We'll ask you just a few questions to determine the types of facilities and patients you serve, and what your immediate needs are. Then we'll promptly send a no-obligation proposal for your review.

For more information contact: 800/633-5384; info@hospitalevac.org


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